Independent Inspirational Wednesday.

Art Kane.

Art Kane is said to be one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. His photos of the fashion world and music industry focus on the individuality of each artist. Each shot differs from the other but the style is distinguishable. He was an independent artist that always followed his ideals. Another element that made him different from his contemporaries is the fact he experimented with color and wide angles while the others would focus on black and white photography. A few times, his work was rejected by magazines as they might have shocked the public but nevertheless, he left his mark.

art kaneart kane 6 art kane 5

art kane 4 art kane 2

Jared Fowler.

In his “Studies of Australian feathers”, Jared Fowler explores the originality and beauty that can be found in the different species of birds that surround him in Brisbane. This series results in a wide range of colors, forms and patters that make it clear how art can be found in nature.

6-Koel-Eudynamys-orientalis 4-Golden-shouldered-Parrot-Psephotus-chrycopterygius1-australianfeathers6 1-australianfeathers51-australianfeathers31-australianfeathers

Jean-Michel Basquiat.

As one of Warhol’s many friends, Basquiat has left a legacy in street art. At first starting as a graffiti artist inspired by the emerging hip-hop scene of his time, he slowly found recognition and galleries showcased his work. His independence can be found in not only the extravagance of his work and designs but also through the ideas he promoted. Basquiat’s work is a satire of consumption society and the oppositions we can find in it.


Untitled_acrylic_and_mixed_media_on_canvas_by_--Jean-Michel_Basquiat--,_1984 basquiat



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