Independent Premiere Thursday.

North of the sun (Nordfor Sola) 2012

       Two Norwegians surfers in their twenties Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum decided they should leave their homes and normal lives to go live on an isolated inhabited bay, of a northern Norwegian island, within the Arctic Circle, for nine months and face the harsh elements. The reason for this insanity: all for some good waves.

       This is a documentary film, which beautifully demonstrates the relationship between man and nature. It is refreshing to see people being able to face the tough conditions thrown at them and be ever resourceful in their approach; from building their shelter from driftwood and discarded objects to finding food. A key scene is the moment when they see sun for the first time after the intensely dark winter. It is magical in the sense that the anticipation for it has been so long-awaited and that they take great pleasure and happiness for something many of us do not even contemplate as special. Every day the pair survives, explore and surf. Goes to show that the material means we consider so necessary for our existence is very much irrelevant when you see an alternative way to live, such as this one.

       Although only 46 minutes long for such an extensive period of time, it is nonetheless visually scenic. The duo was independent with filming the expedition themselves. However the focus is not centred on surfing alone, it portrays the journey and the possibilities of a crazy idea.



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