Tempted Inspirational Wednesday.

Michal Macku.

Having graduated with a bachelors in Technology studies, the photographer has used his notions to modify photography. He experienced post-process to distort the photos he took. This resulted in series that present the body in a fictional manner. The bodies often have languishing positions or that seem irritated by inner motives.

Michal_Macku_Geláž_č_114_-2000 michal macku3 macku4 macku3 macku2 macku1


Félicien Rops.

The belgian artist had an education in the Arts that made it possible for him to work with poets when he moved to Brussels. His sketchs and drawings are inspired by his collaborations with artists such as Baudelaire. Sin, sexual fantasies, death are often depicted in his work making it erotic and a representation of temptations of the human soul.

Messe-noire_Felicien-Ropsfelicien-rops-pornocrates Félicien_Rops_-_SelbstverliebtFélicien_Rops_-_Le_muscle_du_grand_couturier felicien rops-la tentation

Collin Lafleche.

With his series called Right After, the photographer aims at showing the live of teens that are tempted by drugs, sex and other such experiences. He shows how frightening but exciting it can be to belong to a group that sometimes pressure us in doing rebelious things.

lafleche1lafleche 4laflece 2lafkeche 3




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