Tempted Premiere Thursday.


       The young austrian princess was vowed to the future King of France, Louis XVI. The marriage arranged, Marie-Antoinette moves to Versailles, in the extravagant royal apartments. She realised she can make alive all her wishes and biggest temptations. Then starts a life of party, seduction, fantasies until the tragedy that beholds the royal couple.

I Am Love.

       In Milan, passion leads to the fall of the bourgeoisie.The reason to this is the unusual secretive attraction of Emma towards a young italian chef, also a friend of her son. He awakes and tempts her senses in particular ways, making her attached and somewhat lost.

Eyes Wide Shut.

        After his wife admits she once cheated on him, a man full of doubts wanders around New York City. As he tries to find answers to his situation, he unwillingly starts an odyssey in which he encounters various sexual situations. At the end, he opens the doors to a whole mysterious and wealthy society that enable sexual discoveries on the edge of morality.

Cruel Intentions.

       Kathryn dares her step-brother, Sebastian to make Annette, a virgin, sleep with him. Sebastian has feelings for Kathryn and as a reward, he would get her. Hence starts a whole immoral mission in which the characters get caught. Jealousy and temptations become synonyms of this movie


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