Tempted Casual Friday.

        Growing up under the influence of the lifestyle of the riches and famous and falling under the obsessive influence of fashion can drive you a little cray cray. In today’s culture, children start watching videos and tv shows showing the lifestyle of celebrities or being famous for being rich. The new values of our society is “make money be happy”, “work hard party harder”, “money is easy and you better spend it”. In all this chaotic mix of influences on can easily get lost and lose his mind.

        The Bling Ring, what is it? Is it a new band? Absolutely not! The Bling Ring is a group a teenagers from Los Angeles who were obsessed with celebrities and fashion. We can say that they got tempted by the entertainment elite’s lifestyle. This group of young adults got famous for burglaries of celebrities’ houses from 2008 to 2009 in the city of angels. Their modus operandi? They were following every steps of celebrities on social medias, magazines or “paparazzi’s networks” like TMZ to know when the stars were out of town. Then they would go on google map and check the properties to spot where to get in the property after finding their addresses online.


       Wait but one can say that they are like modern robin hoods! Absolutely not, what they called “going shopping” was for their own personal use. They kept all the clothes, accessories, bags and so on for themselves. They were so obsessed with fashion and easy money that they lost any sense of civic behaviour.

      During the two years they approximately robbed for three millions dollars of cash and items. Their favourite victim was Paris Hilton. But other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox had the unpleasant surprise to get robbed.

       The leader of the “clan” was Rachel Lee. The four other ones, Alexis, Nicholas, Tess and Courtney were all involved in the burglaries. What caused their fall? It is partly the fact that they were spotted by one of the surveillance camera and because they shared their new findings on their Facebook and other social medias.

Rachel Lee, ringleader of the Bling Ring

        Since then, Sofia Coppola made a movie after their adventures. It is a really interesting movie to see the inside and the dynamics of the group. Here is the link to the trailer.

It’s always better to work for what you have and want.



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