Tempted Saturday Night Live.

Tempting Middle East.

       Associated with Lorenz of Arabia, One Thousand and One Nights, desert, warmth and noisy tourists, the today Modern Middle East seems to have way more to offer than that. This week we invite you to experience the temptation of Dubai-United Arab Emirates’ most impressive and progressive emirate.

Burj Khalifa (Dusk) Panorama

        First of all, everything in Dubai has to be tallest, fastest, most modern and most extravagant. Being home to world tallest building-Burj Khalifa and world’s most expensive hotel-Burj al Arab, the first impression Dubai will give you is that of luxurius, state-of-the-art hub of world’s richest and most powerful. But the true experience of the emirate can and actually, should be, slightly different. With appropriate planning and a real drive for adventure, excitement and richness of culture and history will be the only aspects left for you to remember.


         An ultra-fast ultra-modern metro is definitely the best option for moving around the city. Just purchase your card at one of many kiosks and download it at any time of the day. Don’t be fooled by taxis, since the city is extremely wide, and moving from point A to B can be a real struggle, especially in hot summer days. A district definitely worth seeing is Bur Dubai-a historical district, Deira-home to multiple souks and cozy restaurants, impressive Dubai Marina and downtown Dubai, with world’s greatest Burj Khalifa. World’s tallest building is a must see, worth equivalent of 20$ asked for it, not only because of impressive view from the top, but also the overall experience and excitement. I would personally discourage a visit to widely promoted Dubai Mall and some kind of a ‘fountain show’. Everything is a matter of taste but time during this Middle Eastern experience can be used in a better way.


        In case of climate, if you don’t mind the heat that much, even summer can be a nice experience, since, although the temperatures can reach 40-something degrees during the day, moving around in a modern metro is a chilly experience. If you do want to visit Dubai for swimming, surfing and enjoying its beautiful (and free) beaches, I would recommend spring and winter, since sea in summer feels more like a soup.

        The most significant must-sees include Al Ahmadiya School, for the art enthusiasts, Bastakiya District with lot of traditional buildings, Dubai museum for the history lovers and all omnipresent, charming and intriguing shouks. In case of food&drinks, it would be honestly stupid to settle on loud, expensive restaurants, much present near the Mall, or international chains, Once you put a minimum of effort into searching, or simply keeping an open and curious mind, the abundancy of small places, stands, booths and more extravagant restaurants with local kitchen will blow your mind. Moreover, Middle-Eastern cuisine is not the only one to indulge your taste buds, as Dubai-beibg the host to the highest number of immigrants, offers bites of Indian, Phillipinian and Indonesian kitchens.

         My best recommendation for an unforgettable experience woul be trying skydiving and kitresurfing. First one is offered at every corner, with appropriate pricing and amazing atmosphere. The views, the sea, the buildings and the adrenaline will leave you breathless forever. In case of kitesurfing, the kitesurfing beach is simply nice and friendly opportunity to try out this exciting sport. Whichever type of traveller you are or what budget you posess, the tempting power of Dubai will never fail to dissapoint you.



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