Healthful Inspirational Wednesday.

Wayne White.

Wayne White adds cynical and humorous quotes to lithographs he finds in thrift stores. To have a healthy mind, we must challenge what is taught to us. It is also about taking the time to do things, such as trying to grasp the meaning of his work. The typography he uses is sometimes unfamiliar and stimulates the intellect.

wayne white3_emotional-maturity-rd-2 3_doctor-purism-rd-2 3_different_v2 3_can-ya-fix-it-so-my-stuff-looks-good 3_beautyisembarrasing

Marta Marzal Abellan.

We are surrounded by plants but somehow we ignore the fact we need them in order to survive. The artist gives an erotic touch to our relationship with plants with her series calles “la petite mort”. Breathing pure air is becoming difficult and when we do find ourselves in an environment that is devoid of pollution, we are amused. It is ironic but realistic.

Paintings-by-Marta-Marzal1 marta marzal abellan 7[10]


Dane Shitagi.

Health is linked to leading an adequate lifestyle that does involve doing sports from time to time. Dane Shitagi portrays the grace and hard work of these ballerinas in unusual landscapes. The women aren’t only graceful in the scenary of a ballet class but it is inherent to them and it clearly comes out in these photos.

diane 8diane 3

diane 5 diane 4 diane 2 diane 1diane 6


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