Healthful Casual Friday.

       The lifestyles linked with fashion changed a lot over time to hate a specific way of life to love it a few years after. In the 80’s and 90’s the trend was to be healthy. Models such as Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, called the Supermodels, represented the way people should behave and take care of themselves. Eating healthy and doing a lot of sport was the must do in the fashion world. This lifestyle was mostly associated with Los Angeles due to it’s sunny and warm weather and to its residents’ perfect tan and healthy appearance. It was also the period in which stars like Jane Fonda made their work out videos which was a huge success at the time.

        Then the end of the 90’s and during the 00’s the trend did a complete turn back and rejected the “Happy Healthy” mentality to go back to simple appearance especially in clothing with neutral colours like black, grey, camel. Moreover, being unhealthy was considered “cool”. Smoking a lot, drinking, drugs, not taking care of yourself was the “thing” to do. Here we can see a shift in mentalities and the creation of two opposite fronts especially in the fashion world in the USA. Los Angeles was still living in this colourful world from the 80’s. On the other side of the country in NYC and most of european fashion capitals, were rejecting the healthy way of life and would rather tend to depression. This would create what I personally call the “Bimbo vs. Nerds” ideologic duality. Both sides were too extreme.

        For a few years now, being healthy is back in the fashion world with models like Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid and even in the men’s fashion world with Jarod Scott. Now we can say that the fashion view on the “Happy Healthy” question is more moderate. For example what is considered really trendy now is to wear black but eat super healthy and do some sport. The Instagram accounts of models and stars are full of healthy smoothies, healthy meals, sport pics. I believe we have reached a common ground between the two old extremes of fashion lifestyles by mixing the healthy, taking care of yourself mentos of the 80’s-90’s and adding the clothing of the 00’s. However we can witness a slow but present come back of colours in a lot of fashion shows for this spring.

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