Healthful Saturday Night Live.

Paelo diet-an odd idea or a healthful remedy?

         Who would think that in the age of mass beauty and health cult, accelerated by emerging and miracle-working ideas of improving your health like new diets or exercising routines, the inspiration for a new emerging obsession would be a simple caveman? The advocates of the Paleolithic Diet (or Paleo) are the ones to find that period of human evolution (about 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 years ago), the most crucial in developing our eating and digestion habits, and should pose as an example for modern nutritionists.

paleo-for-pcos (1)

        Their main argument is that human nutrition needs were paired with food available at that time and that they remained as such ever since, as the agricultural progress was too fast and people did not adapt themselves to processing ‘newer’ foods. The agricultural and industrial revolutions brought new varieties of food. Considering that it started about 200 years ago, the proponents claim that it was impossible for our organisms to adapt to such a massive change. Hence, they claim that the diet should be composed mostly of proteins and meat, including seafood. That should make about 10-35% of your calories intake. Non starchy vegetables are the second pillar-35-45% of calories, mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. What is to be avoided are daily products, grains (like wheat and rye), legumes (like beans), refined sugar, salt and, most importantly, processed foods. Needless to say that tea, coffee and alcohol are excluded from the diet.


         Although the diet meets with a high criticism, especially from those opposing the argument of our genetic adaptation, it has a certain point in the world dominated by highly processed foods, proven to cause diseases like cancer. With more crop manipulation and more food processing on the horizon, the paleo diet can be an alternative to consider, in living a more healthful lifestyle.



One thought on “Healthful Saturday Night Live.

  1. I followed the Paleo diet for over a year. Prior to starting it, I wasn’t making whole foods my focus. Now I’ve added in other foods not allowed on the Paleo diet (like lentils and dairy), but think that it was a great stepping stone for me to get to where I am today!


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