Ethnic Inspirational Wednesday.

Betty Press. 

This photographer offers a tender insight on how different cultures live around the world. Established in Africa for a few years, she managed to contact humanitarian associations and captured the lifestyles of ethnicities that trusted her. She has been chosen for many awards that made her work recognisable by professionals. Lately, she has been capturing photos of people around her in Mississippi, to show that cultures may also vary in your close surroundings.

press2 press1press5press6press7

press 3

Monica Denevan.

First traveling in Burma, the artists realised most of the western connotations are negative and display an unappealing status of the country. When arriving there, she was struck by the beauty of the landscapes and the kindness of the people she encountered. Realising this, she went to China to see what it could offer and a beautiful photographic project came out of it.

Pear-Orchard-China2007525x525 PerchBurma2013.525x525 Portrait-of-a-Fisherman-Burma2006525x525 Wet-Hair-Burma2003525x525 Portal-China2008525x525 Aguo-and-Abu-Yi-Minority-China-2012525x525 Monsoons-End-Burma2008525x525 Oasis-Burma20105225x525 GalleonBurma2013.525x525 Apple-Orchard-China2007525x525

Courtney Timmermans.

Growing in a household of girls only, Timmermans offers a new perspective on “Taxidermy”. She adds air rifle bullers to busts of wild animals to show how the aesthetics of taxidermy can be achieved in a harmless way.

timmermans4 timmermans 2

timmermans1 timmermans 3



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