Ethnic Sunday Chill.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

“He who is different from me does not impoverish me – he enriches me. Our unity is constituted in something higher than ourselves – in Man… For no man seeks to hear his own echo, or to find his reflection in the glass.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


“A world without walls is the only sustainable world. . . . If the world is dominated by people who believe that their races, their religions, their ethnic differences are the most important factors, then a huge number of people will perish in this century.”

– Bill Clinton.

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truewest5-640x880 tim walker2

“I think… if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.”

– Leo Tolstoy.


“Whether one believes in evolution, intelligent design, or Divine Creation, one thing is certain. Since the beginning of history, human beings have been at war with each other, under the pretext of religion, ideology, ethnicity and other reasons. And no civilization has ever willingly given up its most powerful weapons.”

– Mohamed ElBaradei.


“The terrible tyranny of the majority.”

– Ray Bradbury.

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

– Malcolm Forbes.

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hm-conscious-spring-2014-lookbook3-612x816 Abbey Lee Kersahw #1

“There was a time when someone would get on a plane and request to move their seat just because the person sitting next to them was of a different ethnicity or religion or nationality. But I don’t think my generation wants that. That’s how it used to be.”

– ASAP Rocky.

karel appel, untitles composition'Canoes_at_Diamond_Head',_oil_on_canvas_painting_by_Edward_Bailey,_1890,_Maui_Historical_Society

“There’s so many different worlds, so many different suns. And we have just one world, but we live in different ones.”

– Mark Knopfler.

“As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls.”

– Sonia Sotomayor.

 lucien clergue, gitan 33322016221_lg

“We are, at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviours, beliefs, rituals.”

– Randa Abdel-Fattah.

“We ought not to ask why the human mind troubles to fathom the secrets of the universe. The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the skies so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment.”

– Johannes Kepler.




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