Honorable Inspirational Wednesday.

Jens Ullrich.

The collages of the german artist are a combination of greek sculpture and modern athletic movements. Honorable because the artist conveys his own meaning onto modern culture and because the subjects of his work deserve our respect. Athletes spend their days trying to achieve things we wouldn’t even think we possible for mankind. They push themselves to their limits for personal satisfaction or public recognition.

jens ullrich


jens-ullrich-1 (1)



Sebastian Bieniek.

Sebastian Bieniek is a contemporary artist who investigates the roles of identity. In his series Doublefaced, the artist creates abnormal portraits of women. The eyes remain but the rest of the face is a way to explore different aspects of a face. Sometimes leaving us a bit dizzy, his work is nevertheless imaginative and merits the attention it is receiving.

foto2_0 double-faced-portraits-sebastian-bieniek-designboom-21doublefaced-portraits-sebastian-bieniek-3 doublefaced09double-faced-portraits-sebastian-bieniek-designboom-40


Victor Horta.

Victor Horta is known for his influential creations in architecture. At the time, art nouveau was still seen as strange, but this did not stop the artist from giving life to his ideas. Now considered as one of the touristic attractions of Brussels, the Horta House is a masterpiece. His influence is also found in greenhouse architecture and in Metropolitain halts around the world.


9789061534037_01 Horta_Museumbrus_koenigewae01_300_cd05


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