Honorable Premiere Thursday.

Mulan (1998)
Directors: Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook

       Everyone loves a Disney film; it is what we associate our childhood to. One of my favourites is the animated film Mulan. Mulan tells the story of a girl; who poses as a boy, in order to join the army in the place of her elderly father. Up until this point in her life, she had not brought honour to her family in the traditional sense; being eloquent and poised. However she goes on to be a heroine saving China.

       The character of Mulan is a legendary warrior woman from the ancient dynasty of China; the exact date of her existence is unclear, although is suspected to resonate around the period of the years 386-536. Honour is a highly valued attribute in Eastern culture. The story has been passed down through the generations, this shows how the tale has become a significant tool in demonstrating honour to the generations.

       I remember watching this film for my seventh birthday and being impressed at how brave she was to take the initiative to go and do something so scary. I think it is important for young girls to see a strong woman protagonist portrayed when men usually take the focus as the hero. Mulan brought more honour to her family and country than anyone could have expected of just a girl. I think it holds a powerful message that we can always achieve more than what we think our boundaries permit us to do. Expect the unexpected.



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