Honorable Saturday Night Live.

‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’

         That simple and modest quote comes from the honorable character of today-Mother Theresa. Quite a surprising sentence for someone awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize and founder of hospices and religious organizations active in 122 countries around the world. Well, it can be said that the quote perfectly describes her. Its visible how much of a modest person with a strong character and great ambition she was.

        Born in Macedonia in 1910, Teresa of Calcutta, as she is often referred to as, devoted her long lifetime to founding religious congregations and homes for people with HIV/AIDS. Its important to mention that they were stigmatized at that times, and her establishments were one of the first of the kind. Moreover, various mobile clinics and dispensaries, hospices, orphanages and schools were founded under her auspices. What’s crucial, following Mother Theresa’s example, all their members must till this day adhere to vows of poverty. A trait she chose to follow her whole lifetime.

         Mother Teresa was also one of the first ones to recognize the pattern of easening girls poverty via education. Hence, various girls schools were established first in Calcutta, and then entire India. Such a richness of works certainly deserves a recognition and example for indeed honorable inspiration.



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