Shiny Premiere Thursday.

our selection of movies that involve glam, glitter, precious stones and parties!

l’Enfer by Henri Georges Clouzot.

a few scenes in this movie involve Romy Schneider playing with our notion of glamour. She smokes cigarettes while glittery videos are projected onto her skin, she pours champagne in abundance for no particular reason and he laughter is always present.

Springbreakers by Harmony Korine.

Harmony Korine has always touched upon unordinary topics. In Kids (1995), he potrayed a lost generation of teenagers that lived for sexual experiences, drugs and raves. More than 10 years later, teenage tendencies have become a bit more eccentric as young adults strive for fame, money and experience. In Springbreakers, high school girls leave their hometown for a few weeks. Broke as they are, they will try to live by little crimes.

the Party by Blake Edwards.

Just fired, a young artist ist mistakingly invited to a Hollywood party. Evrything get akward are the character is out of place and strange events happen. A good example of eccentricty of Hollywood in the 70’s.

the Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino.

Jep Gambardella is a famous italian jet-setter that also hosts the best parties in Rome. After his 65th birthday, it somehow strikes him that all this glitter and fame is an illusion and does not truly make him happy! The rest of the movie shows his approach to beauty in everyday life and italian heritage.


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