Shiny Casual Friday.

       As this week’s theme is shiny, it is the perfect occasion to talk about classic and chic jewels which would be the best investments in the domain of accessories. I will focus on certain brands for men and women and how you can adapt it to your wardrobe and personal style.

        Let’s start with Aurélie Bidermann, this french creator started her own brand in 2004. After travelling the world with her parents at a young age, she started studying art history in Paris and London and then entered the world of art curation at Sotheby’s. She gets her inspiration from her many travels which influence her colourful creations. Everything is made in Paris and is available in multi brands stores all around the world, Barney’s NYC, Bon marché Paris, Selfridges London, as well as on her own webstore (

copacabana-bangle monterosso-sleeper-earrings

Copacabana bangle (135€) and Leaf earrings (195€), most of the items are made of gold or silver.

       The brand Henri Bendel is a highlight of the Fifth avenue in NYC. Mostly popularised by the tv show Gossip Girl, the brand attracts the socialites and fashionistas from the entire world since 1895. Part of the amazing ephemeral collections they propose, the jewellery department is a department store in itself. In exclusivity on the Henri Bendel website ( or in their store 712 5th Avenue NY, NY.

279430_0200_1 279312_2537_6

Luxe beaded Y-Necklace (118$) and Luxe Figure 8 Stack Rings (158$ each).

        Higher in the quality and in the price range, we have Tiffany, Hermès and Cartier. Tiffany was created in 1837 and is well known partly thanks to the movie Breakfast at Tiffany with Audrey Hepburn. The reputation of this house is well established for the bridal essentials like engagement and wedding rings. But the brand proposes much more items than the bridal ones. They also have a wide range of men’s jewels. Available in their boutiques worldwide or online (

30853601_936232_SV_1_M   33263406_939476_SV_1_M

Olive tree leaf in diamonds (2.350€) bracelet wire from the new T collection in white gold (3.200€)


 men’s square bracelet from the T collection in silver (950$).

       Even if Hermès is famous for its leather and silk items, their creations of jewellery is amazing and of high quality, speaking of personal experience with my favourite brand. From leather bracelets to silver pendants passing through the enamel bracelets the investment in these items is worth it. The prestigious parisian house, since 1837, is symbol of the french perfection and savoir faire which established the “hexagon” as the fashion centre of the world. Most items, when they are not on waiting list, are available in the Hermès boutiques and some online ( Some of their items even if they are mentioned in the women’s section can also be added to the men wardrobe.

spd_20120819105736_b IMG_0586c

Collier de chien palladium and leather bracelet (950€) and Perspective cavalière enamel bracelet (454€).

       The reputation of Cartier is synonym of elegance and perfection. The french house created in 1847 in Paris was a family brand until 1965. They have been at the service of the most important royal families and Maharajas and created for them the most beautiful pieces in the history of jewellery. They also had in their possession the most famous diamonds like the cursed Hope Diamond which “killed” most of its owners by malediction according to the legend. Just to give you an idea of the importance of the house by the transactions of its items, the Hope diamond was sold to Pierre Cartier for $150,000 in 1910 and is now worth between $200-$250 million. Pieces can be bought in their stores worldwide in the most prestigious shopping streets (

photo B6035516_0_cartier_bracelets



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