Childish Premiere Thursday.

Big (1988) by Penny Marshall

        Big tells the story of a young boy Josh, who makes a wish to be a grown up. The next morning he wakes up with his wish having been granted in the form of his childish self, in the body of a man. Unable to live in his normal life he leaves home, to go to the city and get a job as a toy tester; which he considers the perfect job. Josh’s childish ways inspire the adults around him, not only with his outlook on life, but also encourages them to take themselves less seriously. Whilst living the life of grown up like he struggles to fully understand or comprehend the implications of being ‘big’. Over time he realizes that being an adult isn’t all it seems to be and he wants to go back to being a child once again.

       Big is a timeless film that both adults and children can relate to. For a child; the relentless desire to be grown up and the possibilities that being an adult entails. For an adult; the wish to revert back to simpler times. This is an option that doesn’t exist, apart for Josh. The film makes the beauty of childhood appear realistic, as well as having an air of magic that accompanies the age of innocence.



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