Childish Casual Friday.

“Childish” can be expressed in fashion by different means. I chose for you different looks from the Spring Summer collection 2015 to show you how you can add some childish outfits to your closet for this summer.

To start right in the subject, you can go full childish look like this Jeremy Scott “Shrek” inspiration dress and necklace:


The second option is to wear an outfit that could look as nice on a three years old as on you like this Dolce and Gabbana dress and this Diane Von Furstenberg dress.

00630h_336061113_north_420x_black 00370h_937915629_north_420x_black

Next possibility is the choice of bright colours which would make you look like a giant candy.

00270h_815856942_north_420x_black 00460h_822763219_north_420x_black

Dresses by Mathew Williamson and Fendi.

The last one, and probably the more grown up decision, is to wear an outfit stating that you are proud of wearing an outfit that would be probably be present in your little cousin’s closet.

 00400h_188241455_north_420x_black 00360h_628101143_north_420x_black

Dresses by Chanel and Miu Miu.

For accessories you should definitely have a look at the Olympia le Tan bags which will bring you back to your childhood’s readings.

chalk_box_blue cinderella-min



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