Successful Inspirational Wednesday.

a selection of magazines that have made their way to success.

i-D magazine.

Amanda-Murphy_iD-Magazine id-2007-september-00 Abbey-Lee-Kershaw-for-i-D-Magazine-Fall-2011-DESIGNSCENE-net-01 i-d-magazine-nov-2004-sienna 47722-800w spirithoods-in-i-d-magazine

Established in the 1980’s, i-D is now a settled source of inspiration fashion lovers look up to. The articles are clever and aesthetically appealing due to the typography used. Also, the photos are ingenious and have an artistic aim as photography is really worked on. Not only does it center itself on fashion but also in upcoming musical artists and promotes independent movies, hence diversifying their articles.

Jalouse magazine.

Although this is a french magazine, it is highly thought of. Published each month, they surround their articles around themes and choose their collaborations accordingly. This results in an art-like edition that is pleasant to look through. Also, ads do not dominate the publication, which is a plus nowadays.

jalouse_0167 jalouse_0124

Rihanna-Jalouse_2014-06-25_00-28-27 bJXC3

W magazine.

This oversize publication is considered as being a bit more posh than other magazines in the USA. Nevertheless, they have published articles and fake ads that have been considered as controversial, making them different from their concurrence.

0408_cover_300w  2012-11-w-who

large-w-magazine-cover1 March-cover-2-Natalia-MDX-1000w


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