Imaginative Inspirational Wednesday.

Ballantine ads.

You may have heard of Ballantine, the established whiskey brand. Like many of the brands today, they ai, at originality and relating to the public to be popular. Ballantine grasps popular culture by mixing and mingling different domains in their ads. For example, you can see a skateboard ballet or the frenzy of a drummer on stage. Imagination is key. Also, if you search in their other videos, you will find that they encourage their clients to show unordinary ideas.

Red Bull short movies.

Fetching into the sports craze, Red Bull films their own short films to emphasise the beauty of extreme sports. it is at this point that we realise these fanatics of sports are actually artists as their movements are subtle, calculated and show performance. Especially in this short film, you can see how skatboarders love to use their imagination in abandoned places, make it their own and go beyond their limits.

Jerome Robbins.

The NYC Ballet often shares videos about the choreographers or the dancers. Jerome Robbins was one of the choreographers this year and he impliments his imaginative ideas into his work. The dancers admit they feel they are dancing with friends as the moves are playful, full of humour and fresh. It is a pleasing blend of classical moves with a jazzy twist to keep the public awake.


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