Floral Inspirational Wednesday.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

One of the leading painters of the impressionist movement, the french artist celebrated beauty and women. Rejected by the Salons, he set up his own exhibitions in 1874 to show his work. His use of saturated colors and shadows distinguished him from the others.


renoir, l'allée aux rosiers


Pierre-Auguste_Renoir_-_Fleurs_dans_un_vase_(National_Gallery_of_Art) Pierre-Auguste_Renoir_-_Fleurs_dans_un_vase_(Musée_de_l'Orangerie) chrysanthmes

Claude Monet.

Monet is famous for his interpretations of Nature. He liked to present different perspectives of a same sight to show that what is seen differs according the environment. He is especially well-know for his paintings of the gardens of his house depicting bright flowers and japanese influenced structures.

 claude  monet the house seen from the rose garden 3

chrysanthmes apc jardin-de-monet claude-monet-amandier-en-fleurs

Nick Knight.

Nick Knight tried photo-manipulation to present baroque-style art pieces. The color combinations printed out, the artist adds chemicals to dissolve the flower edges making seem as if they melted. A sort of decay of beauty that remain pleasant to observe and reflect upon.

nick knight, flora





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