Summery Inspirational Wednesday.

Frank Horvat.

The italian born photographer has acquired a name in the 60’s for his innovative approach to fashion photography. At first working with analogue to capture his travels, Frank Horvat was quickly approached by magazines. It is his photojournalistic approach that caught their attention as he could give a candid aspect to his work. Horvat did not go by the rules as he was one of the first to shift to digital photography, still being a master in it. His photos are fresh, lively, and make use think of all the possible destinations we could still discover.

frank horvat9 frank horvat7frank horvat6frank horvat5frank horvat

Ryan de la Hoz.

Ryan de la Hoz may be qualified as a “maker”. This movement in art consists in the combination of traditional methods of art making and the more modern ones. The artist uses collage, sculpture or even drawing as supports to analyze the past in the present. His inspirations are the antique, loss, magic, happiness.

Ryan De La Hoz1 de la hozde la hoz 4de la hoz 3 de la hoz 2

Arnaud Lajeunie.

Arnaud Lajeunie is based in Paris and is a part of the design collective Cats&Dogs. As a photographer, he feels comfortable expressing himself via images rather than with words. He mainly does fashion photography, adding a futurist and colorful aspect to them. In between 2011 and 2014, Lajeunie worked on a series called Water Meets Colour, Colour Meets Water. In this project, the artist seeks the see the limits of sight, giving us something else to think of on the relation between men and nature.

arnaudlajeunie_wmccmw_01 tumblr_n0ryoeZFsp1qbq0xlo2_1280 dramatic ocean waves crash by Arnaud Lajeuniearnaudlajeunie-3 ArnaudLajeunie_Ablaze_2_(2012)_web


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