Summery Casual Friday.

        Finally summer has come! Done with rainy cold weathers and also done with exams! Which means … more time to take care of yourself and of your outfit. It does not matter if you will be spending your summer in big cities like Paris or NYC or on a beach in Mykonos or the Seychelles, this article will be full of tips and inspirations for what to wear in this warm weather! Personally summer always make me think of the Los Angeles, west coast, vibe of just enjoying life and live a summer full of fun and adventures especially lying in my garden in the sun while writing this article! But let’s start with inspirations that I found in the Summer 2015 cruise collections! Well the main rule of this season is the geometric pieces, it does not matter if it is loose or tight, the architectural effect is the main trend to follow. Adding to this, the ethnic patterns and the inspiration give a summery and fresh touch to the very square lines of the outfits.

       If you will stay in a city here are some looks to take inspiration from. Very practical outfits if you have to run across the city to get a coffee with a friend!

stella_mccartney_ Vuitoon

Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton


 Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant

Then if you want to stay at the beach and just relax or if you feel like having a little excursion in some Tuscan village, these light, short, beachy kind of outfits would be helpful for you!

BCBG Max Azria  15_601876978_north_420x_black

BCBG Max Azria, Alice+Olivia

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

For the evening, these looks are for you party animals, it does not matter on which side of the world you are!

10_balmain_woman_04_786313762_north_420x_black Blumarine

Balmain, Blumarine

balenciaga_021_2000_767693113_north_420x_black _ag14235_920055921_north_420x_black

Balenciaga, Dior

       Shoes in summer are always a problem. It should not be too warm but you should never ever wear flip flops. They are just good to go in the sea if you do not want to get hurt or whatever. Here is a small selection of scandals (really please no flip flops!) and some high heels scandals, because summer does not mean being lazy fashion wise.

524523_fr_pp 507635_fr_pp

Miu Miu, Valentino

510787_in_pp443647_in_pp 607774_fr_pp

Givenchy, Reed Krakoff, Rupert Sanderson

        For a few weeks now, we see a lot of celebrities having these ephemeral tattoos. It looks really nice with your outfit (no matter what you wear, just adjust it) and will make you original. From festivals to the beach, these newbies are a must have in term of beauty! They come in one package in different kinds and you can just put them wherever you want on your body. (



Some beauty tips to look fab at and after the beach:

* Sunscreen always, you still tan with sunscreen!

* After a long day at the beach your hair are really dry so put a bit of oil (coconut, almond, argan) before going out, it will leave them shiny and healthy but not greasy. Every two days, do a night mask with the same oil.

* To get a better and more uniform tan, do a scrub before tanning (you can do your own with coffee and brown sugar)

* Water! A lot of water ( 3 litters of liquids is the recommended quantity) so your skin does not loose its elasticity

* Work out as always but it is better to do it in the morning because of the heat.

       If you want to do a detox, summer is the perfect time! A lot of healthy brands propose detox juices from one day to a weak. They deliver at your place and you have one bottle of healthy detox juice per day. Highly recommended!


In Paris:
In London:
In Belgium:



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