Summery Saturday Night Live.

      Classics of the music industry seem to keep telling us that the summer of 1969 was the best time to live in. From Brian Adams, to Bruce Springsteen, a lot of icons of the time seem to keep great memories. In 1969 was organized one of the most famous festivals recorded until now.

      Woodstock was one of the first music festivals to gather such a great amount of people in so little time. I took place near New York so remained accessible to most of the young people following the hippie movement of the time. Originally planned to gather 50 000 people, about 500 000 showed up making it a huge success.

       The epitome of hippie culture was found in one place making it such an iconic event. Eliott Landy captured the extatic artists on stage and a 5h long documentary was filmed for future generations to admire.(

tumblr_m8jhk5xJUP1qcx3szo1_1280 elliott-landy-magic-hands elliott-landy-joplin-rhode-island-681

       Originally based on a young entrepreneur wishing to raise funds to open his own recording studio, the success of the event and unforseen consequences led him to make it free. Hence, Woodstock became a symbol of a counter-culture that was going on at the time. The people left their lives for a while to celebrate music, community and happiness despite the weather conditions.


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