Royal Inspirational Wednesday.

Mariano Vivanco.

Born in Peru, Mariano started traveling the world quite young as his family settled in New Zealand. Finding himself a passion for photography, he chose to pursue his dream of fashion photography in London. I did not take long for him to be recognized as he was asked to capture what was happening in the backstage of the fashion world. Starting off with filming his models, he now is recognized by his sleek black and white portraits that are published in the worlds biggest magazines.

vivanco5 vivanco vivanco 6 vivanco 4 vivanco 2

Sir Edwin Landseer.

Edwin Landseer was a famous english painter, also known for his sculptures and paintings of animals. As he was an artistic prodigy, things went quite fast for him: masters in arts as mentors, an exhibition at age thirteen and academician in is late twenties. His works are exposed in royal museums in London.

landseer5landseer landseer2 edwin landseer6 landseer 4

Mathieu Plainfossé.

As a director of photography, Mathieu Plainfossé has had  a few projects to manage the past few years. Working in advertising, he also makes music videos for notorious artists such as members of Ed Banger Records (Justice, Uffie), Woodkid or even Paloma Faith. The royals of today.


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