Royal Sunday Chill.

“Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.”

– Anonymous.

“My whole thing is loyalty. Loyalty over royalty; word is bond.”

– Fetty Wap.

tumblr_mt47mkzOUW1sv20fqo1_500 tumblr_m69b9xvU8c1qcuvnbo1_1280 2012.7-Abbey-Lee-Kershaw-2-001 0461-855x1024

“Your part can be the king, but unless people are treating you like royalty, you ain’t no king, man.”

– Jeff Bridges.

“He didn’t marry you to become king. He became king because he wanted to marry you.”

– Megan Whalen Turner.

tumblr_nesqohqUdA1qktgtzo1_1280 tumblr_mxo4oiIeHQ1qiflw2o1_1280

“What infinite heart’s-ease
Must kings neglect, that private men enjoy!
And what have kings, that privates have not too,
Save ceremony, save general ceremony?
And what art thou, thou idle ceremony?
What kind of god art thou, that suffer’st more
Of mortal griefs than do thy worshippers?
What are thy rents? what are thy comings in?
O ceremony, show me but thy worth!
What is thy soul of adoration?
Art thou aught else but place, degree and form,
Creating awe and fear in other men?
Wherein thou art less happy being fear’d
Than they in fearing.
What drink’st thou oft, instead of homage sweet,
But poison’d flattery? O, be sick, great greatness,
And bid thy ceremony give thee cure!
Think’st thou the fiery fever will go out
With titles blown from adulation?
Will it give place to flexure and low bending?
Canst thou, when thou command’st the beggar’s knee,
Command the health of it? No, thou proud dream,
That play’st so subtly with a king’s repose;
I am a king that find thee, and I know
‘Tis not the balm, the sceptre and the ball,
The sword, the mace, the crown imperial,
The intertissued robe of gold and pearl,
The farced title running ‘fore the king,
The throne he sits on, nor the tide of pomp
That beats upon the high shore of this world,
No, not all these, thrice-gorgeous ceremony,
Not all these, laid in bed majestical,
Can sleep so soundly as the wretched slave,
Who with a body fill’d and vacant mind
Gets him to rest, cramm’d with distressful bread;
Never sees horrid night, the child of hell,
But, like a lackey, from the rise to set
Sweats in the eye of Phoebus and all night
Sleeps in Elysium; next day after dawn,
Doth rise and help Hyperion to his horse,
And follows so the ever-running year,
With profitable labour, to his grave:
And, but for ceremony, such a wretch,
Winding up days with toil and nights with sleep,
Had the fore-hand and vantage of a king.
The slave, a member of the country’s peace,
Enjoys it; but in gross brain little wots
What watch the king keeps to maintain the peace,
Whose hours the peasant best advantages.”

– William Shakespeare.

xavier martin, princess caroline of monaco tumblr_mj4ges48aW1qcglluo1_1280 ingres the golden age

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.”

– Gianni Versace.

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.”

– Sigmund Freud.

tumblr_mzr4cenJTS1qc8jr7o1_1280 martynagallaexklusiv01 john everett millai, bright eyes BallmainFW2012.9

“In my body you search the mountain
for the sun buried in its forest.
In your body I search for the boat
adrift in the middle of the night.”

– Octavio Paz.

tumblr_ne2s3eGDzR1qb0ssjo1_1280 tumblr_m9z0n40TRN1qb0bzxo1_1280

“The pair of us are like salt and sugar: such different flavors, but so close in every other way you could never sort us apart once we’re together.”

– Sarah Miller.

sh23.1-gold-ceiling A white fallow stag stands in a forest in Switzerland, 1973. james blzir


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