Recreational Inspirational Wednesday.

Yvonne Coomber.

Yvonne Coomber is a Devon based artist who is becoming more and more honourable and illustrious. She spent much of her early life travelling across the world, including for some years with a horse-drawn community in England. Inspired the goodness that she sees in the world, she has now been professionally painting for 10 years, but has always had a passion for this form of expression. Her paintings are kaleidoscopic, encompassing lavish bursts of colour to create pieces that effuse energy and joy. As well as vibrant rainbows, Coomber also uses fine glitter and gold leaf to produce paintings that are bursting with life.






Gary Card.

Set designer and illustrator Gary Card, who lives in London, England, is amazingly creative and incredibly talented. Although he has been producing some drawings and paintings, he is predominantly known for his commercial projects, which have been featured in prestigious publications such as British Vogue, Dazed & Confused and The New York Times. Card imaginatively creates not only sets for campaigns and editorials, but also costumes and shop window installations. He has famously worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Tim Walker, proving precisely just how aesthetically pleasing, exciting and fun his designs are.





Ken Done.

Sydney based Australian artist Ken Done left school at the young age of 14 to pursue his love for art. Some 30 years later Done chose to give up his career as a designer and art director and devote his time to his painting; he now produces pieces that are vibrant and lively. His style is fun and flattering: he portrays Sydney Harbour in bold, optimistic colours and through strong, distinct lines and shapes, sometimes accompanied by lettering influenced by Japanese poetry. Additionally to city landscapes, Done also takes inspiration from the sea and the sky, as well as his own personal environment. His work is original and highly acclaimed, so much so that he has been involved with designing a new Australian flag.

ken done 1

ken done 2

ken done

ken done 3

ken done 4