Recreational Premiere Thursday.

Point Break (1991)
by Kathryn Bigelow

       Point break is the epitome example of fulfilling your hobbies and letting these impulses rule your life. Four friends rob banks, in order to fund their recreational activities of surfing, among other adrenaline sports. The group is always on the move, on to the next place, in order to get the next buzz. An undercover policeman enters their world full of thrills and excitement, with the intention to take them down during the height of their game. However, there is a fine line of getting to know and understand their operations and becoming one of them.

       The raw film effect without the high Hollywood cinematography enables the film to be more realistic and exhilarating, thus establishing an intimate resonance with the audience. It makes you question the double lives people lead, to fulfil an altera motive, whatever that may be.

       There is a remake of the new Point Break coming out in December 2015. It features an updated storyline, with the same essential plot. This modern twist, on a 90s classic is full of Hollywood style motifs.



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