Discoverable Premiere Thursday.

Craigslist Joe (2012)
by Joseph Garner.

       Craigslist is an advertising platform community which covers an extensive range of things. From house rentals, ride shares, jobs, dating, the list goes on of topics. The advertisements are not necessarily for financial exchange .

         This documentary experiment, is set with the intention to see if someone can survive a month, using only the Craigslist platform to be survive for travel, food, accommodation and activities. He manages to travel across the whole country of the USA, meeting various people with different backgrounds and stories to tell.

       The director is the man who does the experiment and came up with the idea to discover how far the network of online human community can be taken. It is a heartfelt film to learn that even in our globalised, techno savvy world which has helped detach us from each other, there are platforms being used to bring us together and help one another also. It provides the message that there is still much to discover about human kindness of strangers. I like Garner ambition to go out there and not be afraid to meet people and ask for help but also helping others. He discovered money is not required to live, people and kindness are though.



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