Egalitarian Inspirational Wednesday

Linder Sterling.

Linder Sterling was born in 1954 in Liverpool. She spent her adolescent years living in Manchester, where she studied art and became involved with the punk and post-punk scene. The artist, who also goes by the single name “Linder”, is a radical feminist who is well known for her photo collages. She often combines pornographic images with cut outs from women’s fashion and domestic magazines with the intention of challenging the notions of what it means to be a woman. Perhaps one of her most famous pieces was the work she created for the sleeve of the Buzzcocks’ 1977 single Orgasm Addict: the sleeve features a nude female figure adorned with an iron to replace the head and smiling, red-lipped mouths in place of nipples. Linder’s work ultimately rejects and questions the typical stereotypes of women; inspired by sexualisation and non-conformity, her work seeks to relieve women of the constraints imposed upon them by society.



sterling 1

sterling 2



Robin Hammond.

This week, the USA became the twenty-first country to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide. Robin Hammond is a New Zealand born photojournalist who has dedicated his career to documenting human rights and discrimination issues. His campaign Where Love Is Illegal features images of LGBT people from around the world, from Malaysia to Russia and South Africa. The series is based on the premise that persecution based on sexuality or gender identity needs to end. Shocked by the intolerance towards LGBT communities that he witnessed on his travels, Hammond decided to start collecting photographs and stories of the people he met that had suffered severe hardship. Hammond’s work has won numerous awards for chronicling issues of social injustice.



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