Egalitarian Premiere Thursday.

Defiance (2008)
by Edward Zwick.

        Defiance, depicts the true story, set during World War II in a Polish forest that is under German occupation. There is a group of about a thousand people, of different backgrounds, that have collected together to seek refuge in the depths of the forest. They fought in every aspect to stay alive and not become another fatality in the face of the Nazi regime.

        For a couple of years the group become a community, all individuals playing a role towards the common effort of surviving. Every one of them working; building, hunting and cooking, with no exceptions. They relocated and built their lives there. In addition, to training to be warriors, in the likely chance that they are discovered and killed.

        The film portrays how great courage and determination can defy all odds. By the community coming together and each sharing equally what little they have and respecting one another no matter their role or gender, helped them survive. We are all people only confined to the groups we place ourselves in and we have a common goal of the desire to live and be safe. This is only possible by coming together and helping to support fellow human beings, treating one another with how you wish to be treated yourself.



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