Creative Saturday Night Live.

The creative genius of Walter Disney.

        Father of Mickey Mouse, capturer of 22 Academy Awards and the mastermind behind the magic of Disneyland. A few words on the creative genius of a man who pushed the borders of creative fantasy to the limits.


         Born December 5 1905 in Illinois, Walt soon developed passion for painting and photography. He first created little paintings for friends and family and decided to groom his talents in an art school in Chicago. He became interested in animation and soon found employment in that field. Later on, he and his brother Roy opened a small animation studio and moved the business to Hollywood under the name ‘Disney Brothers Studio’. It was then when Mickey Mouse was created. First a failure, then a nation-wide sensation, thanks to the usage of sound-and-music. The first successful production featuring the famous rodent was Steamboat Willie, with Walter himself as its voice. In 1929, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck were introduced to the family.


        An important twist in his career came with Disney’s’ invention of Technicolor, followed by their first Academy Award in 1932. July 17, 1955, marked the birth of one of the best things to happen to our childhood-the Disney World. The $17 million investment soon spread its wings to other parts of the country. Nowadays, the famous enterprise graces the neighbourhoods of Paris, Tokyo and Hong-Kong, with Shanghai on the way. In 1966, Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away on December 15, 1966. Contrary to the running rumor, he was not hibernated, but cremated and buried in Los Angeles.


         What is the most impressive about Disney may not necessarily be his out-of-this-world ideas or impressive gross amounts that their brought about, but his business ethics. Walter was known for not socializing with Hollywood’s VIP’s neither climbing its social ladder. He would rather choose the quietness of his family home instead. Social nimbleness was of a help for him, but only because he was able to keep the society enchanted with his out-of-ordinary ideas. Them and probably 7 billion other people around the globe.



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