Respectful Premiere

Happy Feet (2006)

Director: George Miller

It tells the story of the outcast Mumble who simply cannot sing one note. He sounds like a strangled cat whenever he tries. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but within a penguin society this means everything; when you sing to attract your life partner. Mumble can do something extraordinary though, he can dance. However, this is not acceptable behaviour for a penguin. As a result he is forced to leave his home as he is unable to conform to his family’s and society’s expectations. On his travels he meets new penguins and sees that not all penguins are the same. He learns to love himself and focus on embracing his talent, rather than be down about what he cannot do. Once he respects himself then he returns and others follow suit. Eventually, he is united with Gloria; the best singer, as he dances to her song.

Happy Feet is a film aimed at kids but appeals to all ages. I mean who doesn’t love penguins! It is a cute film to send this message and embrace the differences everyone has.

Being respectful is about acknowledging and accepting each other’s differences. First you need to respect and love yourself before others will. If anything the differences are what make us who we are. Opposites attract, just like Gloria and Mumble in the film-they complement one another’s differences.



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