Respectful Casual Friday.

This week’s theme is respectful, however as I just spent the week in Paris, I thought that it would be a good idea to give you some good addresses in the city of lights. But we can see this article as the occasion to pay tribute to this city of fashion and lifestyle in a respectful way!

If you are a fan of Fashion then the best weeks to go to Paris are the different fashion weeks. Six weeks during the year, the fashionistas pack their suitcases full of designer clothes and head up to Paris, they are usually in January, September and July. This is the perfect time to meet people from the business. But the capital also has a large variety of stores. The best streets to go out shopping is the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Golden Triangle for high fashion(Avenue George V, Avenue François 1er and Avenue Montaigne) and in general the Marais where you can get lost in the small streets and discover tons of boutiques.


If you do not want to run everywhere and would rather have a store where you can find everything then Colette and The Bon Marché are the places to go. Colette is on the Faubourg St-Honoré on the right bank and usually hosts capsule collections and young designers, they also have a large collection of rare books and magazines as well as all sorts of gadgets. The Bon Marché is on the left bank of the Seine next to a small park. They have mostly established brands. They host a food corner where you can grab some lunch and then eat it in the Jardins du Luxembourg.

colette_paris-300x150 AndreePutmanLe-BonMarchesmall

It is drinks time! Here are two cafés where it is good to sit down and enjoy the sun with a nice book and a delicious drink. The café Hugo is situated in the Marais, around the wonderful square La place des Vosges, where art galleries, cafés and stores are located. The drinks to have there are the Gin Frizz and the Champagne Piscine that I recommend! On the same square there is a tea store established in the 19th century where they sell high quality tea, this is the Damman house.


In the district of Saint Germain des Prés, next to the church of the same name, is the Café de Flore. Famous for its clientele of writers and poets, the place has not change and its charm is still present!


The museums addicts will be more than fulfilled in Paris! These museums have the best and most interesting exhibitions. The Grand Palais has amazing temporal exhibitions on every theme, from fashion to paintings and photographs. They are usually exclusive or really ephemeral. This explains the huge lines in front of the impressive building, ninety-nine percent of the time. The Musée d’Orsay is more focused on exhibitions about paintings and sculptures but they are mostly relevant and well done. It is of course also a good reason to go inside and check out the architecture of the old train station in which you can find the most iconic pieces of the realist and impressionist periods! The last museum I would like to talk about is the Musée Galliera. It does not have the same notoriety as the Louvre but it should! This museum is only open for the temporal exhibitions where exceptional pieces of fashion, because this is the fashion museum, are exposed. Right now they have the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition until beginning of August, so if you stop by Paris check it out!




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