Respectful Saturday Night Live.

Peculiar respect of Mahatma Gandhi.

Born 1869 in India, Mahatma Gandhi became one of the most well-known social activist in the world, although his methods were different than any others and marked with respect and peacefulness for his enemies, rather than violence and attack.

Trained to be a lawyer, Gandhi soon engaged himself in various forms of social activism and by 1921 he was already the leader of the Indian National Congress, advocating for complete political independence from the British.

He started the movement of ‘political civil disobedience’ in which Indian citizens were demonstrating their discontent and urge for independence in a non-violent manner. In 1930, Gandhi led his famous 320km march to collect salt, when monopoly held a constant monopoly over country’s deposit. As demonstrated by this incident, his methods were very symbolic and peaceful. Indeed, Gandhi remained peaceful and respectful even when arrested and imprisoned, using fast as one of his methods.

Apart from his efforts aimed at gaining independence from the British Empire, he also fought to eliminate poverty, discrimination and liberate women. Thanks to his lifetime achievements, he became an inspiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. Moreover, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize five times in his life.

On January 30, 1948, Nathuram Godse made the last one successful assassination attempt towards Gandhi. His birthday, October 2nd, is celebrated as a National Holiday in India every year.

His attitude and methods are perfectly represented by one of his famous quotes:

“I have not hurt anybody nor do I consider anybody to be my enemy, I can’t understand why there are so many attempts on my life”.