Environmental Lundi Gras.

        As the years go by, the world population is slowly realising the impact we can have on our surrounding environment. If we have undeniably harmed nature, there are a few methods we can try to establish a new sort of respect, one that decides to take nature in consideration in our actions. Some cities have already taken measures granting them a place in the most eco-friendly cities throughout the world.

Oslo, Norway.

Green strategies are thought of in the government itself making decisions easier to apply.

Stockholm, Sweden.

With low pollution rates and a population accepting to leave transport by car behind, this city has many ecological goals planned.

San Francisco, USA.

The city has a reputation for its high fares but it also manages to be the most eco-friendly city in the USA.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When walking through the Dutch city, it is easy to see that bikes have their place and priority.

Vancouver, Canada.

Seen as one of the greenest cities in the World, Vancouver is a great example for other cities trying to build themselves whilst respecting its biodiversity.

Curitiba, Brazil.

A recycling plan that works, established public transportation lines, these are goals for eco-friendly cities such as Curitiba.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

For a city this size, the CO2 emissions are balances due to a vast majority of its population commuting by bike.

Cape Town, South Africa.

The city aims at building wind farms to return to natural resources.

Other green cities that are worth the visit:

Bath, England.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Sanary, France.

Bern, Switzerland.


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