Environmental Casual Friday

As the world nowadays is realising how important taking care of the Earth is, a new industry has been developed to allow people to buy ecological goods (from food to furnitures). Fashion is no exception.In the eighties, Martin Margiela was the first European designer to bring to the front of her designs the recycling of fabrics. Other designers like Stella McCartney started the early movement with cruelty-free designs by, for example, not using real leather and was joined by the long time animals’ friend Vivienne Westwood who even made a campaign for the NGO Peta. But this only applies to the leather production in fashion. Not that long ago, stylists and big companies had the idea of extending the concept of ecological conscious from the everyday life products to fashion and high fashion.


Let’s start with a bit a controversy. The giant of “fast/cheap” fashion, H&M, developed a special line called Conscious. Through this project the brand argues that they follow seven commitments through these clothes, I quote:

1- Provide fashion for conscious costumers,

2- Choose and reward responsible partners,

3- Be ethical,

4- Be climate smart,

5- Reduce, reuse, recycle,

6- Use natural resources responsibly,

7- Strengthen communities.



 I do believe that the points concerning the reuse and recycling of old clothes and the climate change issue are quite treated seriously here. As you can see in many H&M stores boxes where you can drop your old clothes.

Now the issue is that coming from a company known for its child labor and poor working conditions in south east Asia, I doubt to believe their true interest in the ethical and communities concern.

But if anyway you will shop at H&M, buy at least a small part of ecological consciousness.


We have the opportunity to really support fully environmental brands like Amour Vert and Svilu for example.

For Amour Vert, “We don’t just care about looking good, we are committed to doing good”. This American brand also produces all of its goods in the US under ethical working conditions. They do not use chemical dyes but do use long lasting and earth friendly fabrics. They are totally allergic to waist which is a good thing in fashion!




Svilu is a made in USA brand created by Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo and could not be more environmentally conscious! All of their fabrics are natural and come from plants. They use organic cotton, which is getting more and more known but also fabrics like tencel (eucalyptus pulp), modal and cupro. But the big change here is how they manage to reduce the waste in the production! They use the digital fabric printing technique. No more ink, fabric, electricity or water wasted.






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