Environmental Saturday Night Live.

With contemporary abundance of data on environmental issues, the voices of outcry can easily be drowned out by the ones of political propaganda and individual interests. Hard facts confused with opinions of unbalanced individuals and scientific data contorted for the convenience of its users. With an overwhelming dossier on the climate change, the common consensus-a man-made global warming, is for a lot of people simplified and even untrue.

One of such people is a British documentarian Martin Durkin with his movie ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’. The feature invites us to a balanced debate on why the Global Warming can be a lucrative business for its proponents. It tries to encourage why the atmosphere around that dispute and data used to support it are often misinterpreted, and in case of some scientists, politicians or other people of interests-are on the verge of being a lie. Scientists introduced dispute the thesis of a ‘man-made global warming’ and explain how the data is often warped and used for individual interest. Mostly of lobbying groups, politicians and tycoons of energy sources. Interestingly, often the ‘green ones’.

What I respect the most about the production is its unobtrusive character. It is a polemic, not an emotional movie pointing fingers at anyone and blaming the mankind for the destruction of Planet Earth. It’s very measured spirit is an invitation for the viewer to just always consider both sides of debate. Not only an environmental one. As with other ‘big’ issues, also that one needs to be approached with recollection and calmness. Environmentalists, as all other people, are also prone to greed, manipulation and money that their activities can bring. As an example of how fighting for environmental causes brings money to its tycoons, is the fact of how Western environmentalists are promoting very expensive wind and solar power in poor African countries, instead of cheap ones which would push them to industrialize.

As mentioned before, the production is not trying to impose its ideas on anyone. It just states that as with every huge topic, consideration and balance are needed to be kept, with the eyes wide open.