Utopic Casual Friday

What is a fashion editor? Often when you open a magazine and look at the credits, a list of names passes on the page dedicated for this use. There is usually a few people stated under editors but the role that they play in the making of a magazine is generally unknown by the common magazine reader. Basically an editor is the one creating the story of a photoshoot by the choice of clothes and backgrounds as well as the technic elements of the picture. They make up the red line throughout  the photoshoot so the main theme stays present in the pictures. We can say that the editors are one of the most important member of a magazine team. They research and develop their ideas by looking through iconographic archives, books, museums etc. They develop a story and their job is then to represent this story in pictures and to make them consistent to the latter.

Here are some fashion editors I particularly appreciate and their works!

Edward Enninful is originately from Ghana but lived all his life in the UK. He worked first for the magazine I-D and then worked for the most prestigious magazines like W, the Italian and American Vogue. He was featured in the documentary The September Issue in 2009. Now he is working as an advertising and brand consultant for big some names like Fendi, Valentino, Missoni.cuba-fashion-13-1542x1934


Photoshoot on Cuba for W Magazine 

Jessica Diehl working for Vanity Fair US moved from Germany 18 years ago. She is now working for a well established and of high quality magazine. Her name might be unknown to you but she is the brain behind the Vanity Fair cover of Caitlyn Jenner (Ex Bruce Jenner) who recently transitioned from man to woman. Her work is highly relevant, glamorous and is a true artistic expression.


Photoshoot for Vanity Fair with actress Amy Adams


Photoshoot for Vanity Fair with actress Angelina Jolie and her children


Photoshoot for Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner 

Grace Coddington has been in the fashion world for a long time now but she is still able to spot the trends and make fashion even more beautiful. She is a real magician of fashion and art expression. Each photoshoot she directs turns into a real story and she would be the prefect example of how utopian the editors in fashion magazines are. She can create an entirely new imaginary world with a few dresses and a background. She has been the right hand of Anna Wintour at Vogue US for many many years and she is as important and as successful as Wintour.




Photoshoots for Vogue US 

Last but not least, the ex-editor in chief of Vogue France, Carine Roitfeld, started her own magazine called the CR Fashion Book. You can see a difference in the representation of utopia in the English/American vision of the editorial work and the French one. The first group is more about the visual effects of the pictures rather than the latter one is more about the feeling and imaginary side of the picture, that can be created to make the viewer think about the shoot and maybe creates its own interpretation of the utopian vision of the editor.

Elsa-Catherine-McNeil-CR-Fashion-Book-no.1-Carine-Roitfeld-5 Screenshot2010-07-21at12006AM-500x331

Photoshoots for CR Fashion Book 



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