Utopic Saturday Night Live.

The Brave New World.

This utopic novel, written by Aldous Huxley in 1932, is a depressing portrayal of humanity after the technology rush in 2540.

The action takes place in London, in a World State operated by 10 world controllers. Interestingly, the years are taken according to a special calendar-not After Christ, but After Ford eras. That marks an ode to the inventor of the conveyor belt, as something that drastically changed the ways of production, consumption, and consequently-the whole lifestyle.

In Huxley’s world population is very limited. All the necessary steps are taken to control it, including preventing natural reproduction. In consequence, no families are made and no feelings attached. People live in societies organized around the caste system, under an impression of common natural happiness. They die at age 60, without grief or longing.

Moreover, not to evoke any feelings, any traces of high cultures are banned and missing since a long time. Society is concentrated on high consumption and since the earliest age taught techniques like sleep-learning and psychological manipulation.

Huxley’s visions are very pessimistic, hence I would not take his ideas very literally. Nevertheless, the book marks a very interesting read and broadens the horizons of a modern mind trapped in omnipresent technology.