Nostalgic Premiere Thursday.

The age of Adaline (2015)

Director : Lee Toland Krieger

A woman born in the early nineteenth century has a car crash, when in her mid- twenties. She should have died in the accident given the circumstances, although  she miraculously survives. However, she ceases to age physically, form then on-wards. This may initially sound wonderful to an outsider, exempt form the ravages of time, but not when she experiences the people in her life age as she stays the same. In this way she moves through life but does not allow herself to fully live, in fear of being noticed by authorities and becoming an object of interest and gaze. She has to grieve for the people whom die, even her several dogs who pass through her life. As she is frozen in her young form.

It may seem like a fantasy story line but it is told in a way that the audience can identify with the character and her position, which allows you to add more significance to the film. It is reminiscent of the movie The curious case of Benjamin Button in some ways. It definitely allows you to perceive life from another angle making you grateful for your plain and simple existence in comparison.


Blake Lively plays the lead role of Adaline. Her look fits the various eras portrayed, being altered to adapt to the period of time.The film often jumps back from present day narrative to clips or episodes in Adalines past, in this way she is constantly reflecting, looking back. The audience can determine that the past is valuable, it holds meaning to her. The contemporary life is a phase which she carries out. Thus taking you are a emotional journey as she ponders the past.




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