Censored Lundi Gras.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy when approaching food.

1/ The most well-known fact is that one should eat in a sufficient amount and balanced. Processed food should be avoided as it doesn’t bring the necessary energy to the body. Instead, you should value whole grains, vegetables, fruits (but not processed juices), nuts and fish as a source of protein and plant oils. These ingredients keep you healthy and should be taken into account.

2/ Drink water, more & more water. It will never be said enough.

3/ Avoid: sugar-sweetened drinks such as bottled up juices, sodas; overindulging fruit juices; potatoes; too much red meat, fast food.

4/Eat several meals a day in a smaller amount instead of eating big meals and feeling starved throughout the day. Also, try not to skip breakfast as it gets your body prepared for the day.

5/ Focus on your meal when eating as you will realize what you are intaking and will feel full faster. Avoid eating in front of screens, as a matter of fact.

6/ Stay active! It is recommended to do at least 1.25 hours of high intensity workout a week or 2.25 of moderate intensity exercises to keep in shape and have a healthy metabolism.

7/ Sleep at least 7-8 hours as it burns calories naturally!

8/ Avoid being surrounded by stressed people as it will have a negative influence on you.

Otherwise, keep a smile of your face, you’ll feel good vibes isntantly!

Have a lovely week, that being said.


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