Censored Saturday Night Live.

Behind the Iron Curtain.
Forbidden passion and compassion in Communist Poland

Untill 1989, hostile and dehumanized brick wall separated the Old Continent. When on its one side ideas flourished, art blossomed and culture recovered after wartime drama, the Eastern part experienced a depressing and limiting curtain of Communist censure. Here are portraits of a few artists, who, despite the regime, still managed to rise above the restrictions and make their name heard.

Andrzej Panufnik.

This Brilliant composer and conductor was forced to spend the end years of his life in the UK, due to repressiveness of the Communist government and its power in orienting the art. His pieces include orchiestra opuses, symphonys, ballet bases, patriotic chansons and nocturnes. His most famous works are ‘Sinfonia Rustica’, ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Sinfonia Sacra’.

Lady Pank

One of the most famous Polish rock bands and a true opponent of the Communist regime. The lyrics emanate with allusions and jeer against the government although most of the time, the pieces arise anger and power able to move the hands and hearts of million of people. Very powerful music with a powerful message.

Jozef Mackiewicz

Polish writer and publicist opposing both Nazi and Communist regimes. Interestingly, he was one of the first artists to warn the citizenry about the dangers of Communism. His most famous works include theater plays, novels and reportages. Especially in the latter he criticized the way in which the regime was unable to understand the complexity of various nationalities under its reigns.