Fantastical Premiere Thursday.

Mulholland Drive (2001) Director : David Lynch

The name of a road in Los Angeles is the title for the twisted tale of events which it is linked to. The film is a mixture of dream and reality with the audience left to decide which one is which. One woman is in a car crash and subsequently looses her memory to the point of who she is, she finds a purse full of cash and a strange blue key upon her recovery from being unconscious. Another woman, an aspiring actress who is new to the city tries to help her solve her mystery.


To elaborate more or try to explain a film that takes you on a roller coaster would not do it justice. The way in which the narrative unfolds grips the audience as they try to make sense of what they see on screen. The confusion and mix match of chance encounters and hilltop parties seem to act as a commentary for fantastical lifestyle of Hollywood inhabitants.

David Lynch is not your typical director. He challenges the audience to be active and think when watching one of his films. His subject matter is usually dark and strange which has lead for his work to appeal to a cult audience. Mulholland Drive is one of his later films, with him both directing and writing the screenplay.




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