Fantastical Casual Friday.

Some aspects of the fashion world are not as represented as some others. But we should pay more attention to them because they are as interesting as the more “mediatized” aspects of fashion. The costume creation in movies is one of them. Only the movie industry, during the awards season, pays tribute to the work of women and men working behind the camera on the actors’ outfits. They are able to create a totally fantastic wardrobe based on some archives to create a fictional world truer than reality.

As a kid I was fascinated by the movie saga Lord of the Rings and I was obsessed with the outfits of elves. I found them so elegant and refined. Ngila Dickson is the master behind the fantastical outfits in the movies. She received an Academy Award for best designer for the last movie of the trilogy The return of the King.


She managed to mix the draped fabrics with shiny stones and pearls to give these characters all of their magnificence. The creations are characterised by fluid fabrics with capes and ornaments. The colours are mostly white to represent their immortality or really pale. What is also important in the work of a costumer is to add a meaning, signification, to the outfits. The story is not only told by the acting but also by what the actors are wearing. It is amazing how Ngila Dickson was able to create implicit messages in the movies. Nature is represented here by the link between its fragility and the fragility of nature through the delicate and refined fabrics.  There is an obvious reference to the Middle Ages period in her designs, especially in the armors and every piece of clothing that seems to be related to the war.

LOTR Fellowship of the Ring 311





In the “public” fashion, designers like Elie Saab or Marchesa also create outfits so beautiful that they seem to come from a fantastic world. It is easy to imagine the elves of the Lord of the rings wearing these outfits. So If you have a fantastical spirit and would like to look like an elegant creatures these might be some inspiration for your next party outfit!




Elie Saab 






Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen 



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