Lonely Lundi Gras.

How to fight loneliness?

We all happen to have our doubts, our feelings of insecurity. It takes courage to speak up or to force ourselves to break out of our comfort zones but it is necessary in order to prevent us from sinking into loneliness. Here are a few ways you can make yourself feel a bit better when these moments arise.

1/ Loneliness is  feeling. It is triggered by the brain and nourished by our memories and thoughts. Tell yourself it is only a feeling. Instead of focusing on the times that have passed, tell yourself so much more wonderful memories are waiting ahead for you. If they have happened before, why shouldn’t they in the days to come?

2/ Surround yourself. In other words, keep yourself busy and do not be ashamed of expressing yourself. People are not cruel and will surely find a way to comfort you.

3/ If reaching out isn’t quite your thing for the time being, concentrate on yourself and treating yourself. Write down your feelings to exteriorise all the emotions that are kept in. Find out what is making your uncomfortable or insecure and find ways to bypass it. Sometimes, reflection is enough to find solutions.

4/ Remember, this feeling is triggered by the effusion of emotions. For once, try to think rationally as it might help. Think of recent episodes in your life in which you reacted in a similar way and how you managed to make things better.

5/ Plan events throughout your day to prevent you from over thinking. Go for a walk in a new neighborhood, go sit in a nice café, go to the cinema. Do something out of the ordinary. You could eventually join a group that shares similar passions of centers of interest to expand knowledge in something that makes you happy.

6/ Sleep a lot during the night and take as much sun during the daytime.


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