Elderly Premiere Thursday.

Water for Elephants (2011)

Director: Frances Lawrence

There is something about being elderly where people take them less seriously or consider them irrelevant to the present pace of life. This is how this film begins. An elderly man seeming confused and lost in a modern day car park, is helped by a young man who is the manager of a circus. As he tries to find the nursing home he belongs to, the old man begins to reminisce about his circus days and how it shaped the rest of his life.

It brings a troubling story with the glamour and excitement of the early circuses of the 1930s full of exotic animals and remarkable tricks, where beneath the façade lay another story entirely.  The feature of Rosie the elephant is the element which connects and releases the characters to and from one another.



Life is the most spectacular show on Earth


This film brings to light, that there is much to be learnt from the old;  about their generation, what they lived through and although they may forget irrelevant things like what they had for dinner yesterday, they can often remember what happened 40 years prior in a much clearer light.

It is a touching tale that brings the old into the present and gives much context to the elderly and all they have experienced. The film is adapted from the same titled book, which is a good read and somewhat more detailed than the film version.



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