Blue is the Warmest Colour /La vie d’Adèle (2013)

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche

The film is essentially a coming of age film. However, it is not that innocent. 15 year old Adele comes to terms with her sexuality. It is an exploration of love with the highs and lows that it entails.

After dating a guy at school Adèle struggles to feel an attachment or deep feelings towards him.  Although, when she sees striking older woman in the street, she is struck with an intense feeling of attraction towards this stranger with blue hair.

Established actress Léa Seydoux, plays Emma; the blue haired art student. Where as the relative newcomer, Adèle Exarchopoulos plays the character of Adèle. The film is spoken all in French, as you explore the couples first encounters, to solid relationship, through the years as their two lives intertwine and change. The use of close up shots and hand held cameras are a common occurrence to heighten the reality. In addition to the lack of make up used, the clothes were sourced from the personal real wardrobes of those on set, opposed to a fancy costume collection.

The theme of the film is the exploration of sexuality, an obvious part of this would be to show this physical depiction. There is a ten minute intimate oral scene between the two lovers that are both girls. It is debatable whether the film is more censored and potent because of the same sex liaison or whether it is how it is filmed in such a raw realistic way that the emotion and feeling portrayed on screen is truly felt.


Like all coming of age tales the ride is no smooth one, but whilst Adèle partakes through this journey she learns and discovers who she is and what she wants.



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