Idealistic Premiere Thursday.

Never let me go (2010)

Director: Mark Romanek

When people think of an ideal world some do not contemplate nor consider the implications and sacrifices that are made in order for such things to be possible.

What seemed the idyllic country boarding school lifestyle that Hailsham offered, for the three main characters; Tommy, Ruth and Cathy  this was not what it was at all. Life and their scheduled future was already set out for them since before they were created.

The film follows their developing lives from childhood to adolescent and eventually to adulthood. This again is not a typical tale of growing up although, like any other person you see the struggles they face coming to terms with usual obstacles and feelings we all encounter.


The film is adapted from the book with the same title. Written by Japanese/English author; Kazuo Ishiguro. I watched the film before I read the book and regard the film to be an accurate portrayal of the written form. However, it is nonetheless hard to compete with the detailed version of a book.

Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through or feel we have had enough time.

It is a heart warming tale that makes you really reflect upon life and really consider the things we take for granted such as our ability to be free, to fight for what we believe in and the possibility that each day holds.nlmg_main



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