Idealistic Casual Friday

Talking about idealism in fashion is quite a hard task as every designer has their own view of an idealistic world. However I believe that the fashion industry should take a step back and look at what fashion has became and what the true meaning of fashion is. Fashion, in my opinion, should reach its ideal world by breaking the rules but baring in mind that it has to stay elegant. The aim of fashion is to make people beautiful and express their personality. However I think a lot of designers have been focusing more on the breaking the established rules part of the idealistic world of fashion and left the aim for beauty on the side. It is striking to me why “common” people who look at fashion from a non-expert eye do not understand what fashion is, because it is too far away from the beauty aspect of fashion. Therefore fashion is left misunderstood by a majority of the population. Now I am not saying that fashion should be less artistic, this is not the point. What I mean is that the two elements that compose the idealistic world of fashion have to be reunited to go back to the true meaning of fashion. I would like for the general public to look at fashion and see the art and beauty rather than to feel like this is some kind of unrealistic work from some crazy people. I do believe some current designers do not have their place on the worldwide fashion scene for the simple reason that they are betraying what the true aim for an idealistic fashion world is.

Now one of the designer i believe do have what it takes to be a real fashion designer is Raf Simons. The belgian designer decided to take over the house of Christian Dior three years ago after the sad events caused by Galliano. He is the first one who took over a house as full of legacy as the house of Dior and succeeded at keeping the essence of the brand by adapting it to our modern world. Yesterday Simons decided to quit his position at Dior to focus on his future professional projects. This is what I was talking about, a great designer with the complete tool box to succeed at what I called “achieving the idealistic worldview of fashion” decides to stop working for a brand with an important past instead of keeping on doing a work he is not sure about. I feel like some designers should do the same instead of trying again and again. So for Raf Simons I say: Good job! Here are some of the looks from the last Christian Dior collection SS 2016 by Raf Simons.

_dio0235_jpg_41_north_1382x_black _dio0525_jpg_7006_north_1382x_black _dio0586_jpg_6904_north_1382x_black

I also recommend the documentary about Raf Simons at the beginning of his career at the house of Dior called Dior and I. 



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